About 011LAB Company

011LAB is a company devoted to high-technology innovative IoT electronics products and systems design and development. Our aim is to build a long-term and trustful partnership network, and to provide our B2B clients with reliable services, products and systems, which will help them to achieve comparative advantages on their markets. 011LAB is focused on technologically demanding niche markets with potential for huge growth.

011LAB gathers team with experience and expertise in project management, new product development, and system solutions, especially in the fields of IoT (Internet-of-Things), electro-optical systems development, hardware and software design and development, electronics products and systems, embedded systems, electronic design services, signal and image processing algorithms, imaging products and applications, machine vision and video analytics system solutions. The company relies on extraordinary people and state of the art tools, materials and methodology. We give special care to business confidentiality, and to quality management system. Furthermore, all products are designed in line with DfX (Design for eXcellence) principles, which are incorporated in our motto “Strive for Excellence”.

We provide our clients with overall solutions which include all phases of electronic product/system development life cycle. Furthermore, we assist our clients in any phase or aspect of their projects, including system analysis, requirements definition, planning, design, implementation, testing, qualification, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, either as a consulting partner, a project supervisor, an intermediary, or as a project implementer.